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About us

“We are situated in 86 Tavistock Street, Bedford MK40 2RX. Hoi Tin Chinese Take-Away is one The first Chinese takaway in Bedford EST:1969. Hoi Tin is one of Bedford most hottest Hoi Tin Chinese Take-Away. Our pioneering chef and his committed kitchen team, create dishes using the finest local market produce and crafted with meticulous attention, which reference Chinese culinary heritage and wealth of ingredients.

Opening times

Sun-Thu, 5pm-11.30pm

Fri-Sat 5pm-12am

Mon- Closed, Except Bank Holiday

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Average collection time is 15 minutes

Main dishes may take longer (due to longer cooking times)


FREE delivery on all orders over £12 (within a 4 mile radius)

We deliver to Bedford, Kempston, Bromham, Oakley & Milton Ernest

Average delivery time is 45 minutes. Main dish may take longer (due to longer cooking times)

No Service Charge Collection get a FREE Prawn Crackers

Singapore Chow Mein £4.80

Singapore"-style noodles (Chinese: 星洲炒米; pinyin: xīngzhōuchǎomǐ) is a dish of stir-fried rice vermicelli seasoned with curry powder, vegetables, scrambled eggs and meat, most commonly chicken, beef, char siu pork, or prawns.

Chicken Foo Yung £4.20

In Chinese Indonesian cuisine, it is known as fu yung hai, sometimes spelled as pu yung hai. The omelette is usually made from the mixture of vegetables such as carrots, bean sprouts, and cabbages, mixed with meats such as crab meat, shrimp, or minced chicken. The dish is served in sweet and sour sauce with peas.

Boiled Rice £2.10

Boiled rice serves as a moderate source of energy, providing fuel to get you though the day. A standard half-cup-serving of boiled white or brown long-grain rice contains approximately 104 calories, or 5 percent of your daily energy intake on a 2,000-calorie diet.